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  Wooden Core Holder Adapter
Wooden Core Holder Adaptor

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Wooden Core Holder Adaptors

The Wooden Core Holder Adaptor is an economical solution for your rewinding requirements for 3 inch to 5 inch and 3 inch to 6 inch cores and a variety of face lengths.

Core adaptors are the perfect answer for running cores that are larger than your current set-up can handle. These sleeve-based core adaptors are effective with all air shafts and through shafts. Heavy duty retainer springs ensure easy, fast and secure locking to your existing shaft. The smooth maple construction will not mar or damage your air shafts. No modifications to your existing set-up are required. Change-over for a different size core can be completed promptly and securely.

Maximize your use. For example, should you require an 18” length, you can utilize two 9 inch lengths and have a smaller size adaptor readily available for your narrower web lengths.

Each Wooden Core Holder Adaptor is custom manufactured in lenghts from 4" to 22".

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