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Pre-owned Flexo Equipment for Sale

For more information call us (847) 818-1100 or send an email to sales@aaapress.com

To view pictures of the used equipment, click on the camera camera icon located next to the listing number.

 American Ultraviolet - Conveyor UV I-06-1-T3
Listing # 40072
1992, Width: 6", 1 Single Lamp, Manual Ramp Wattage Adjustment, Analog Control, 3995mhours, Can see in Operation. , Ideal Laboratory Lab Conveyorized UV curing system. Includes 3 stage manual UV intensity control (125W/200W/300W & variable speed conveyor. 120VAC/1ph/20A/60hz
 Integration Technology - VZero 140 EHN
Listing # 40075
2011, Width: 6", 1 Single Lamp, Metal Halide, Analog Control, 230-Voltage, 18 amps, 40mhours, , Demo unit.
 Lightouch - Versiflex
Listing # 40085
2002, Width: 7.5", 1 Single Lamp, 3-Stage, Auto Ramp Wattage Adjustment, Manual Ramp Wattage Adjustment, PLC Control, 230-Voltage, Electric Quick Disconnect, 3" Flex Duct from Lamp to Power Supply, Press Mount for Webtron, , Include Webtron 750 double turn idler and membrane touch-pad operator remote control to allow programming UV auto-ramp and shutter timing.
 On-line Energy
Listing # 40043
Width: 7", 7 Single Lamps, 3-Stage, Manual Ramp Wattage Adjustment, Hard Mount Lamp Style, Press Mount for Mark Andy, ,
 Tec Lighting - 5000 Series
Listing # 40081
2007, Width: 17", 8 Single Lamps, 5-Stage, Auto Ramp Wattage Adjustment, Manual Ramp Wattage Adjustment, PLC Control, Pneumatic Quick Disconnect, , Includes Cool UV dichroic filters, touch screen remote control and is fully programmable.