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AAA Press International, Inc.
3160 N. Kennicott Avenue Arlington Heights, IL 60004 Website: www.aaapress.com

Customer Service
Toll Free: +1 800 678 7222
Telephone: +1 847 818 1100
E-mail: info@aaapress.com

Parts Department:
Toll Free: +1 800 678 7222
Telephone: +1 847 818 1100
E-mail: orders@aaapress.com

Equipment Used:
Toll Free: +1 800 678 7222
Telephone: +1 847 818 1100
E-mail: sales@aaapress.com

About us

Manufacturer, Repairs, Equipment, Accessories…
AAA Press Does It All

AAA Press is the premier manufacturer of the Lightouch UV Curing Systems and Maximizer Electric Impinged Air Infra-red Drying Systems. We are one of the largest Narrow-web Used Equipment Dealers offering full service equipment brokerage to help you sell your surplus presses, slitter/rewinders, plate makers, UV curing systems and various converting accessories.

We have been providing flexo printers with pressroom accessories for more than 20 years including auxiliary dryers, corona treaters, web cleaning equipment, high speed web viewers and so much more. Finally we have an extensive inventory of replacement parts for your narrow web presses and rewinders along with factory trained field service technicians that will provide expert installation service at your facility. Ask about our equipment relocation services for a smooth equipment move around your plant or around the world!

What we offer

Used flexo printing equipment for sale
Press room accessories & supplies
Flexo replacement parts

Flexo equipment service

What we deliver

Lightouch - UV curing system
Maximizer - IR drying system
Opti-Web - web tension system