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  String - Static Control Product
String - Static Control Product

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Anti-Static String

String, static control product is designed to eliminate static problems economically
& completely!

Low cost, lightweight, and easy-to-use static eliminator. Great for any high static application, including but not limited to film, plastic, printing, mfg, paper, slitting, rewind, extruding, sheeting, textiles, laminating, gravure, packaging, polypropylene, etc. Often lasts longer than the average tinsel and often has less scratching than tinsel. Users are very satisfied with anti-static string.

Anti-static string rolls are available in 32.5 ft lengths.

    Tinsel - Static Elimination Product
Tinsel - Static Elimination Product

Anti-Static Tinsel

Tinsel, static elimination product is designed to help you increase productivity.

Even lower cost than anti-static cord and for the right application is the easy choice. The copper tinsel is light, flexible, and an easy-to-use static eliminator. Like anti-static cord, many users are very satisfied with anti-static tinsel as a low-cost static elimination solution.

Anti-static tinsel rolls are available in 72 ft lengths.