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Overstock UV Curing Replacement Bulbs For Sale

BIG SAVINGS ON UV BULBS... over 70% discount on select in-stock items.

AAA Press International offers an extensive line of UV curing replacement bulbs for virtually any UV manufacturer. Most popular items such as Lightouch, Aetek, Brewer, GEW, UV Technologies and many others in 400 or 600 WPI are in stock and ready for shipment immediately. We can also provide on-stock bulbs that match your specifications with the submission of a bulb sample and striking voltage specifications.

Please be aware that federal regulations limit air shipments to less than 2 grams of mercury unless packaged by an authorized Hazmat ompany.  Therefore, an additional packaging surcharge (typically costing more than the bulb) will apply to all next day or second day air shipments. For this reason, we advise our clients to order spare bulbs and keep a minimum of three bulbs for each system on their shelf to avoid costly packaging surcharges that apply to rush shipments.

The items below have been deeply discounted and pricing is limited to the quantities specified. Our knowledgeable inside sales staff is here to assist you in specifying the proper item for your press, so please do not hesitate to us at 800-678-7222 (Int'l 847-818-1100) for further assistance or to place your order.

  While In-stock Supplies Last!

Last Update: November 8, 2017

Part #




6818A2S UV Bulb - 18-1/2" Brewer 300 Watt 3 Call for price
830C UV Bulb - Brewer R840 Straight 1 Call for price
6814A4CHD 13” 300 WPI Special Double Lamp Irradiator 3 Call for price
7510A2SHD UV Bulb - 9” 400 Watt Lightouch 3 Call for price
7510ALF12C/21-1 UV Bulb - 10.4” 400 Watt Lightouch 4 Call for price
7514ALF12C/26-2 UV Bulb - 14” Cartridge Lightouch 400 Watt 6 Call for price
7516A2SHD UV Bulb - 16” Lightouch 400 Watt 11 Call for price
7516A17CSD21 UV Bulb - 16” Interstation Lightouch 400 Watt 2 Call for price
7516ALF12C/21-1 UV Bulb - 16” 400 Watt Lightouch 1 Call for price
7516ALF12C/21-2 UV Bulb - 16” Cartridge Lightouch 400 Watt 1 Call for price
7517A17CSD UV Bulb - 17” Interstation Lightouch 400 Watt 6 Call for price
7521ALF57C26-2 UV Bulb - 21” 400 Watt Lightouch 26MM Leads out the Sides 12 Call for price
7522ALF12C/21-2 UV Bulb - 22” Cartridge Lightouch 400 Watt 27.70” TOL 3 Call for price
7527ALF12C/21-2 UV Bulb - 27” Cartridge Lightouch 400 Watt 1 Call for price
8508A17CSD21 UV Bulb - 8” Interstation Lightouch 400 Watt 2 Call for price
8512A2SHD UV Bulb - 12” 600 Watt Lightouch 11 Call for price
8516A17CSD21 UV Bulb - 16” Interstation Lightouch 600 Watt 4 Call for price
8516ALF12C/26-1 UV Bulb - 16” Sideload Lightouch 400 Watt 26 MM 4 Call for price
8536ALF12C/26-2 UV Bulb - 36” 600 Watt Lightouch 4 Call for price
8522ALF12C/21-2 UV Bulb - 22” 600 Watt Lightouch 2 Call for price
8527ALF12C/26-2 UV Bulb - 27” 600 Watt Lightouch 3 Call for price
8542AFC008/28 UV Bulb - 42” 600 Watt Lightouch 2 Call for price
S6812A2S UV Bulb - 12" 300 Watt Propheteer 2 Call for price
QEJ12N0321 IR Quartz Lamp - 11" 644W 80 Volt 1/2" OD 10 Call for price
QEJ15N0322 IR Quartz Lamp - 14" 800W 100 Volt 15 Call for price

* The above items are available while in-stock supplies last. This list will be updated on a regular basis. Please contact our inside sales department to confirm availability and prices.