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  Accu-mounter Plate Mounter
Accu-mount Plate Mounter

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Plate Mounters

Economical solutions.

Printers often seek economical solutions for quality platemounting. The Accu-mount plate mounter is available in two sizes to match the label producer’s needs. The model PM-10 has a capacity range from 4” to 10” press widths. The larger model PM-16 will handle press widths from 10” to 16”

The Accu-mount plate mounter can easily be adapted to mount both demountable and ball bearing type cylinders. Bearing adaptors are also available to utilize the mounter with different bearing sizes. All Accu-mount plate mounters are constructed of heavy-duty aluminum frames for stability and many years of use.


  • Wide ranges of sizes available, from 4” to 16” press widths
  • Scale is easily lifted up and locked out of work area
  • Fully adjustable and easy to read scale