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  Ionizing Air Blower
Hurricane 300
Ionizing Air Blower

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Static Elimination Blower - Hurricane 300

Industrial ionizing blower.

This extended range ionizing blower is designed to effectively and efficiently cover a wide area
(up to 10’ away) with a high-output stream of ionized air.


  • Appropriate for bench top or industrial overhead applications.
  • Indicator to provide visual verification of operation
  • Variable fan speed control
  • Easily replaceable filters
  • Optional floor stand for flexible positioning

 Technical Specification

  Power Requirements   120 V, 60 Hz 2.0 Amp (fan speed high)
  Size   16.375” w x 9.75” h x 13.25”d
  Weight   18.2 lbs
  Air Volume   Variable; 110-300 cfm
  Effective Coverage   2’ wide with blower mounted 10’ away
  Discharge Time   0.5 sec at 1’; fan speed high (decay 5000 V to 500 V, 20 pf plate)