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  CoronaFlex Treatment
Enercon’s New Coronaflex™ Corona
Treater to improve adhesion and
productivity for narrow web
printing operations

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CoronaFlex™ Corona Treater

Increase the surface energy of label stock to improve wettability and adhesion of inks and adhesives.

Improving ink adhesion has never been easier with the new CoronaFlex™ corona treater. It is specifically designed for high speed flexographic presses and versatile digital printing applications.

CoronaFlex™ offers OEMs and printers powerful and reliable corona treatment through a compact
footprint, intuitive operator interface and industry leading application expertise.


  • Intuitive touch screen control - Guides operators through operation & power setting. Logs faults and includes on-screen troubleshooting guides
  • Power control - Available in manual, remote and watt density
  • Watt density & proportional speed control - Ensures consistent treatment by automatically adjusting the power level to line speed changes


  • Easy to operate - Versatile control options include: auto start, remote or local control
  • Simple tread-up - Removable electrode cartridge locks into place for quick & easy changeover
  • Roll options - Bare, conductive ceramic & universal to meet needs of your substratesion


  • Compact footprint - Integrate into any position on all OEM presses
  • Simple to install - All inclusive package engineered for easy start-up
  • Quick start guide - Simple instructions to guide your installation & operation

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