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Praxair Laser Engraved Ceramic Anilox Rolls

  Laser Engraved Anilox Roll
Roller ID

Praxair Proline Laser Engraved Ceramic Anilox Rolls

Laser engraved ceramic anilox solutions for every package printer.

Whether you need extended wear, less scoring, better opacity, or superior ink densities
at high line counts, Praxair’s premium-grade Proline™ portfolio will meet your requirements.
These unique engraving technologies offer customized solutions for whatever print
requirements you need for flexible film, foil, paper, pressure sensitive label applications.
Custom Ink Film (CIF) engravings utilize Praxair’s latest laser expertise to deliver ultra-smooth
ink films in a wide variety of ink or coating volumes. Specialized trihelical engravings, also known
as REV (Anilox Reverse Technology), now provide opportunities to print screen and line work
on the same deck, providing a spare color deck as well as plate and pre-press savings.

Roller ID:

Roller ID allows you to personalize your rolls on every order with volumes, line counts or other custom information ideal for your pressroom.


  • Lowest ceramic porosity in the industry
  • Proline engraving solutions
       - High density
       - Extended wear
       - Custom ink film
  • YAG, thermal YAG, or CO2 technologies
  • CIF engravings for high opacity “white”