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  Slitter Assembly
Slitter Assemblies Dienes & American Style

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Slitter Assemblies

Available in different styles and choices of configuration to serve your specific needs.

Slitter assemblies are used to hold rotary blades that cut through a web’s liner. The greater majority of these units are operated pneumatically although manually adjusted slitter assemblies are available.

They are attached to the press in the Slitting / Sheeting section on the Dovetail and locked into position via a slotted screw against a pawl or by a quick-clamp.

Complete slitter assemblies for all of your flexographic printing presses are always in stock at
AAA Press International.


  • Pneumatic or mechanical
  • Choose from dienes or american style
  • Includes housing, blade with bearing and axle, hose and connector
  • Individual components can be purchased separately
  • Upgrade to a quick clamp style

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