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    Fountain Wipers
Fountain Wipers

Fountain Wipers

Eliminate the mess.

When your press is running, with the doctor (meter) roll making contact with the anilox roll, ink in the fountain will have a tendency to “spit” and flare out of the fountain. Use fountain wipers on your fountain on both sides of the roll to keep the ink contained, and virtually eliminate the mess.

AAA Press can provide these inserts for your ink fountain on all flexographic printing presses. Always in stock and available for immediate shipment.


  • Economically packaged in cartons of 3,000 pieces each
  • Available for all Webtron, Mark Andy, Aquaflex, Propheteer, Nilpeter, Rotopress, Comco and
    Allied Gear presses
  • Nilpeter and Aquaflex material in neoprene rubber, all others available in charcolethelyne
  • Blanket release programs available