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ART & REV Laser Engraving Technology Ceramic Anilox Roll

Two new engraving technologies to the flexographic printing market as well as the gravure, offset coating, and
laminating markets.

Praxair constantly strives to find new methods of improving the flexo process, and ART (Anilox Reverse Technology) and REV (Revolutionary Engraving) are the latest result of on-going research, experimentation, testing and development. Years of press runs under actual conditions have refined and enhanced these new engravings.

ART Engraving

Anilox Reverse Technology (ART engraving) - is an example of advanced helical and tri-helical cell wall technology. Although produced with conventional laser equipment, ART engravings have a unique appearance, and differ from the standard anilox engraving due to the unusual configuration of the cells. A raised surface, or post, between the cells supports the doctor blade, while the smooth surface of the engraving itself provides the superior laydown, which is a major characteristic of ART technology.

Over two years in development, ART provides a smoother laydown of coating, which offers higher density for the same amount of product transferred, as opposed to conventional engravings. This also means there will be less density loss from incomplete coverage. The problems presented by pinholing are essentially liminated with the use of ART engravings, as a result of exceptional laydown qualities. ART has been found to be especially effective in printing white on film, and in using white inks on other applications as well. ART engravings, therefore, are of special benefit to the flexible packaging market, as well as to gravure printers, due to their improved solid coverage, and solid print quality.

REV Engravings

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Revolutionary Engraving (REV engravings) - offer many of the same advantages as ART engravings, but focus on high end needs where the printer will be capable of printing ALL color requirements in one print station, from solids to fine dots. Therefore, the time and cost savings generated with the use of REV engravings are immeasurable.

REV engravings have a 90-degree spiral, or helical, groove, around the circumference of the roller, creating a “ridge” upon which the doctor blade can ride—similar to the ‘post’ of the ART engraving.

The use of REV gives the printer an engraving with higher densities, better ink transfer, and improved solid coverages. Created using either conventional CO2 (carbon dioxide), or YAG (yttrium - aluminum - garnet) laser technology, the smooth surface of the roller means that there will be virtually no actual “cells”, resulting in increased doctor blade weep wipe which creates an improved transfer of the ink film. The smooth surface further contributes to eliminating vibration problems caused by conventional engravings, as well, resulting in improved press operation. As with ART engravings, REV rolls also support excellent clean-up capabilities; again, as a result of the smoother roll surface characteristics.

REV also facilitates faster startup, due to the fact that adjustments need to be made only once. With standard engravings, machine speeds need to be adjusted as pressures are increased. With REV engravings, once initial test runs have been completed, and the plates are cleaned, these
additional adjustments are not necessary, thus saving time in the pressroom.

Only a REV engraving will enable a printer to do one job with a single specification. The improved print quality attainable with REV rollers versus a standard 60° roll will offer improved dot gain and better print contrast. For the first time, text, fine process work, and light solid densities are all attainable with one engraving on one laser engraved ceramic anilox roll!