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Ceramic Anilox Rolls

AAA Press International is an authorized distributor of Praxair Laser Engraved Ceramic Anilox Rollers. Throughout the year, we have periodic inventory overstock sales to reduce our excess inventory of specific items. 

The items below have been deeply discounted and pricing is limited to the quantities specified. Our knowledgeable inside sales staff is here to assist you in specifying the proper item for your press, so please do not hesitate to us at 800-678-7222 (Int'l 847-818-1100) for further assistance or to place your order.

   While In-stock Supplies Last!

Last Update: November 1, 2017

Part #




820-7-QC Anilox Roll - Ceramic - Mark Andy - QC-Exflexo; 60-360-5.0 BCM 2 Call for price
COM-1300/H Anilox Roll - Comco Commander 13" Hollow Core; 60-800-3.0 BCM 3 Call for price
PROPH-700 Anilox Roll - Propheteer 700 - 7" - Choice Engraving; 65 LPI-1500 LPI 4 Call for price

* The above items are available while in-stock supplies last. This list will be updated on a regular basis. Please contact our inside sales department to confirm availability and prices.