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Sprayway & Mostype Products

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Sprayway Products

Best off all... aerosol are an efficient, effective, simple to use, labor saving package.

Sprayway aerosols were pioneered in 1947, and there is still no other product line in their class.
Sprayway is the largest manufacturer of aerosol products in the country and have lead the industry since their inception. Most recently, Sprayway introduced several of their formulas in, pop-up instant wipes.

All products are manufactured using Sprayway’s proprietary formulations and retains of each
batch are examined, approved and catalogued by a certified chemist. All raw materials used in
the chemical formulations of Sprayway’s products have passed multiple quality control tests prior
to use in the manufacturing of these products.


  • Hygienic... The ability to use the aerosol without direct contact between the application device and surface.
  • Convenience... Aerosol are ready to use, simple to inventory easy to train and require no cleanup.
  • Economy... Uniformity of application eliminates over-usage.
  • Reliability... Formulated for optimum characteristics and delivered ready-to-use without variance
    with each application.
  • Safety... Avoids accidental spillage or ingestion. Can not be contaminated.
  • Cost... Save time and money on inventory, distributing, training application and clean up.
  • Performance... High quality products with distinct delivery systems for each application.
  • Waste... No spillage, no evaporation, no dilution - extended shelf life.
  • Pressure penetration... Products designed with diverse spray pattern to reach inaccessible areas.
  • Inexpensive... Bulk chemicals may cost less initially, but aerosol don't require extra labor or time to
    dilute and repackage the product.

AAA Press International has a wide variety of Sprayway products available at the lowest pricing for immediate shipment. Call your customer service representative to discuss the availability of other Sprayway and Mosstype products not seen in our catalog. MSDS sheets available for all products.