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  Enclosed Doctor Blade
Enclosed Doctor Blade Systems
for Anilox Roll

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Enclosed Dr. Blade Systems

Enclosed blade systems (sometimes called chambered doctor blade) are designed
to improve print quality, productivity, and reduce ink usage and solvent emissions
in the workplace.

In an enclosed system, two doctor blades are used. The reverse angle blade acts as the true doctor
blade and wipes excess ink from the anilox roll. The trailing blade acts as a capture or containment blade
and holds the ink within the confines of the chamber. Enclosed doctor blade chambers provide better
control of ink usage, more consistent color and improved performance of the inks on press.


  • Consistent wet coat weight across sheet
  • Uniform coverage
  • Smoother lay and higher glossL
  • Less tendency to orange peel
  • Controlled ink and coating usage
  • Wet coat weight control by anilox design
  • Fewer blocking problem