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  Strobe Bulbs
Strobe Bulbs

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Strobe Bulbs

Strobe light bulbs consist of a heavy duty filament encased in a specifically designed, heavy duty quartz tube. Strobe bulbs are typically designed to withstand up to 35,000 flashes per minute, which means the custom designed filament must be strong and provide significant brightness for optimum illumination.

Strobe bulbs come in many different shapes and sizes depending upon which manufacturer has designed the strobe light. Strobe bulb life is typically optimized by using digital firing components to provide smooth operation and cool filiment control. Flash timer controls & continuous duty cycling are key components to yield a bright and long lasting strobe bulb.

Replacement strobe bulbs are readily available in our extensive inventory for a wide variety of

Choose from:

  • Shimpo Instruments
  • Unilux
  • General Radio
  • Panels & Controls
  • Stroboscope
  • Web Techniques

Additional strobe components such as replacement lenses, fuses, triggers are readily available as well as additional strobe arms and mounting bases.

We also stock many replacement strobe units that can be shipped the same day.

Should your strobe lamp function erratically or inconsistently, our staff of technicians can evaluate
and perform repairs.

Call your AAA Press International representative and ask about our services and support for your inspection requirements