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  Flexo Plate Mounting Sleeves
Flexo Plate Mounting Sleeves

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Flexo Plate Mounting Sleeves

Time & money savings on repeat jobs.

Whenever a flexo print job is likely to be rerun at a later date, it pays to use Aero-Mounts. Instead of mounting plates directly to cylinders, mount them on inexpensive Aero-Mount plastic carrier sleeves, and keep them mounted as long as the job is active. That way you minimize the need for new cylinders, and you save the time it takes to strip and file plates, then remount them when a reorder comes in. Furthermore, you protect plates form being damaged, as often occurs during their removal from the adhesive.

Aero-Mount Principle
The Aero-Mount principle is based on introducing a layer of pressurized air between the entire periphery of the cylinder and the inner surface of the sleeve, which allows the sleeve to slide on and off.


  • Eliminates remounting plates for rerun
  • Gets repeat jobs on press faster
  • Saves cost of new plate cylinders
  • Prolongs life of plates and stickyback

Easy to use.
Aero-Mounts are easy to assemble and disassemble. They slip on or off your regular plate cylinders quickly and easily … yet hug securely when running on the press. They are thin ghtly thinner stickyback adhesive.

Low in cost.
Aero-Mount sleeves cost only about 20% as much as regular plate cylinders… and often less than that.

Easy to handle.
Aero-Mount are extremely light in weight. They are easy to store in their original fibre shipping tubes, and easy to locate with the job identification label supplied with each sleeve.

Reduced plate costs.
Plates and stickyback often are subject to costly damage as a result of repeated removal and remounting. Keeping them mounted on Aero-Mounts, however, saves money by guarding against such damage.

Combination runs made feasible.
When ink colors and substrates are the same, Aero-Mounts make it practical to print two or more
different, but similar, jobs simultaneously by using multiple sleeves on the same cylinder. This procedure
can reduce plate mounting time considerably.

Pin register capability.
Aero-Mount sleeves can be purchased with pin register holes for positioning sleeves quickly and precisely on their respective plate cylinders.

Exclusive patented construction.
Aero-Mounts are very durable, made with multiple layers of tough, stable polyester film to a thickness of 0.015”. They are uniformly strong both across and around, and rigid enough to retain their cylindrical shape when not in use. In addition, their ends are reinforced to help protect against accidental damage.

Aero-Mounts sleeves are available in a full range of sizes – small enough for use in tape and label operations, large enough for most general converting work. They are made to the exact diameter of your own plate cylinders in sizes ranging from 1.5” up to 13”, and any face width up to 64”.

If and when a job mounted an Aero-Mounts Becomes obsolete, simply strip and discard the plates and use the sleeves for another job.

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