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     Splicing Tape
Splicing Tape

Splicing Tape

Splicing tape is used primarily for attaching the start of the web to its core or to seal the ending of the roll to secure the finished product. It is also used to attach the start of a new web to the ending of the previous run, thus eliminating the need for an operator to thread a new web through every station to start the new run.

These splicing tapes are available in a variety of colors, the most popular being red which is highly recognizable. They also are available in many different widths ranging from 1” – 1½” and 2”, which are most commonly used in the industry today.


  • Each roll is 55 yards in length
  • 1” wide tape in cases of 72 rolls each
  • 1½” wide tape in cases of 48 rolls each
  • 2” wide tape in cases of 36 rolls each

Contact your AAA Press International representative to further discuss blanket release programs tailored to meet your specific usage of this often used consumable.