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  Guardian PQV
Guardian PQV - 100% Print Quality Verification & Inspection System

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Guardian PQV - 100% Print Quality Verification

The Guardian print quality inspection system provides true 100% print quality verification for installation on printing presses or any type of inspection rewinder.

Ease of Use
The print quality control was designed for “one-touch” master image training to provide quick and easy operator setup of new jobs. After the master image is trained the Guardian PQV will compare every image against the master and highlight defects for the operator.

Operator Friendly
When a defect is detected the system provides a visual and audible alarm and synchronized jog, stop and web marking outputs. The Guardian print quality inspection system also provides a color coded indicator of the defects in the queue.

Job Recall
Once a master image is trained it’s stored in the computer along with all of the artwork and sensitivity settings Progressive Scan Technology. The Guardian PQV uses digital progressive scan cameras to ensure reliable performance for 100% print quality verification. This technology provides fixed pixel resolution to guarantee consistent results regardless of web speed or web guiding variations.


  • High-resolution digital progressive scan cameras
  • Choice of color or grayscale cameras
  • Camera resolution: 1600x1200 pixels
  • Industrial computer with Windows XP
  • Remote support and training via modem/internet
  • Provides detailed defect roll reports
  • Web widths and repeat lengths up to 30” (760mm)
  • Minimum defect sizes as small as .002” (.05mm)
  • Maximum web speeds up to 1,000 FPM
  • Multiple sensitivity zones per inspection area

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