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   Sur-Kleen Anilox Roll Cleaner
Sur-Kleen Anilox Roll Cleaner

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Sur-Kleen Ceramic Anilox Roll Cleaner

Sur-Kleen anilox cleaning compound is designed and proven to completely and effectively clean the inside of laser engraved ceramic anilox cells of all wet and dried ink. Ideal for use with water, solvent or UV based inks, this cationic compound safely penetrates through ink deposits in less than 15 minutes to fully relieve each and every cell of wet or dried ink. The paste is simple to apply and requires no harsh cleaning techniques translating into many years of extended anilox use.


  • Clean rolls in or out of press to improve uptime & reduce roll damage
  • No need for harsh cleaning methods - improves anilox roll life and cell integrity
  • Regular use will provide more consistent cell volume & better ink release
  • Non-hazardous paste compound for safe, easy handling and application

Physical properties:

  • Color: beige paste
  • Ionic nature: cationic
  • pH: (1.0% solution) 10.5 – 11.8
  • Specific gravity: 1.10 – 1.15
  • Solubility in water: good

Proper cleaning method (follow closely for optimum results):

  • Safety first – Please use appropriate eye & hand protection
  • Wipe rolls clean of excess ink or coating
  • Place small amount of cleaner on a rag & apply evenly over the surface of the roll
  • Use a rag or anilox brush & gently rub coating over roll surface to penetrate cells
  • Allow 10 -15 minutes of penetration for active ingredients to fully clean inside cells
  • Wipe roll surface with a clean rag
  • Wet a second rag with warm/hot water and wipe again
  • Thoroughly rinse any remaining residue with clean warm water
  • One cleaning should be sufficient. Severely clogged rolls may require an extra application

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