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  Air Core Holder
Air Core Holder

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JRC Air Core Holders

Precision corer holders for the flexographic industry.

Leaf–type core holders and shafts that employ the largest diameter bladders for ultimate locking torque. The leaves are expanded by a completely enclosed bladder eliminating the need for protection of the bladder when using narrower cores.


  • Fully expanding periphery for maximum holding power
  • Leaves are limited by “U” shaped restrainers in order to prevent over expansion (inflation without
    a core does not damage bladder)
  • Return springs are provided to bring leaves back to minimum diameter when deflated
  • Standard chucks available with inside core diameters of 3” & 6”
  • Air shafts available in core diameters starting at 1”
  • Lateral (sideways) adjusting air core shafts available
  • Custom core holder configurations are available