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  Durant Counter
Durant Contact Counter

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Durant Contact Counter

Provides maximum function, programmability and value in one package.

Count controls are an extension of the basic totalizer. They are used for controlling a process by
providing an output when the count becomes equal to a preset value. The process being controlled may be cut-to-length, batching, filling, mixing, punching, drilling, diverting, or alarming. Counters offered by Durant differ in size, display type, and features/functions.


  • Easily adjusted to meet installation requirements with wheel and mounting bracket adaptable
    to either side of the counter
  • Available in left/right hand shaft extension
  • 4-5-6 digit capability
  • No batteries needed
  • Specify clock-wise or counter-clock-wise
  • Require counting wheel (knurled aluminum or urethane covered available)
  • Bracket is adjustable to height and stoppage to prevent racing
  • Bracket and wheel are sold separately from counter