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     Versiflex UV Curing System 
Power Supply & Remote Control
     Slim-line Inter-station Lamp
Slim-line Inter-station Lamp

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Versiflex UV Curing Systems...

Manufactured in the USA by AAA Press International

The cure all.

State-of-the-art PLC controlled electronics combined with rugged, flexible irradiators to
deliver unmatched performance, mobility and reliability.

The LIGHTouch™ Versiflex Programmable Logic Controlled Uv Curing System offers converters a proven performer for reliable everyday UV production. Versiflex UV systems include configurations up to 14 lamps, automatic & manual five-stage intensity adjustment, and full programmability through the color touch screen operator interface.


  • Full-color touch screen remote is Operator Programmable for UV intensity auto ramp, shutter timing,
    bulb timers & more
  • Micro adjustable UV intensity at 5 levels for optimum heat management & exact curing power
  • On-screen trouble shooting and auto UV fault protection minimize production downtime
  • Dual filtered “Cool” UV lamp assemblies in 400 or 600 WPI with 19 pt. stepped ellipse reflector deliver unmatched curing performance.

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