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Sur-Tac Plate Mounting Tape
Sur-Tac Plate Mounting Tape

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Sur-Tac... Double Sided Plate Mounting Tape

New imroved adhesive formulation for increased performence in sticky back plate mounting tapes to deliver exceptional adhesion from plate to cylinder.

Sur-Tac plate mounting tapes are made of a closed-cell elastomeric foam carrier to provide outstanding print quality at low or high press speeds. Many foam sticky back tapes are either softer or harder than Sur-Tac. The cell walls of softer mounting tapes begin to disintegrate at higher line speeds creating poor print impression. Some harder sticky back tapes provide better impression at higher speeds, but poor results at lower speeds. The Sur-Tac double sided tape is not too hard or soft allowing its use at all line speeds with both solids and dots.

The acrylic adhesive mounting tape system provides excellent tack of the plate to the cylinder. This durable plate mounting tape allows for easy plate re-positioning and can be re-used to reduce costs. The one piece sticky back mounting tape can be easily removed from the cylinder, leaving no adhesive residue for faster cylinder clean-up.

AAA also offers various other sticky back tapes including 3M, Harley, Tesa & Lohman.

Feature / Configuration:

  • NEW adhesive formulation offers excellent adhesion, plate repositioning, and reduced
    adhesive buildup on cylinders
  • Compressible close-linked high density PE foam with film reinforcement
  • PE coated kraft paper liner keeps adhesives stable
  • Sticky back can be easily removed or repositioned
  • Very good resistance to heat, inks & chemicals for outstanding longevity
  • Cost effective – 25% less than competitive plate mounting tapes!

* Excellent replacement for 3M, Lohman, and Tesa mounting tapes.