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  Narrow Web Flexo Plate Cutter
Printing Plate Cutting
for Narrow Web Presses

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Narrow Web Flexo Plate Cutting

Trim your narrow web printing plate to final size ... faster, easier, and with more precision. Printing plates with straight edges promote exact mounting.

Plate cutting is a significant factor in your production costs. Narrow web flexographic plate cutters are available in two models, to speed up your make-ready process and improve accuracy at all stages of production.


  • Increase productivity by reducing make-ready time. Plate mounting is faster when the plates
    are accurately cut
  • Eliminate ruined plates caused by slippage when cutting with razor blades
  • Trim off strips as narrow as a pencil line ... accurately and safely
  • Produce perfect bevel cuts for butt joints on reverse printing plates, resulting in a minimum
    plate gap
  • Many jobs can be mounted at press-side without a plate mounter when plates have been cut
    square and parallel to copy
  • This is an ideal method to cut plates for slugging in copy changes


  • Hardened tool steel blade with precision ground edge ... heavy enough to SNAP through plates,
    including polyester liners on photopolymer plates
  • Grid lines on work table, with easy view of cutting edge for accurate cuts
  • Replaceable plastic cutting sticks
  • Adjustable work lamp (bulb not included)
  • Optional floor stand available
  • Choose from two models:
    - MODEL WT-1 - 11.5 inches wide
    - MODEL WT-2 - 18 inches wide

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