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Maximizer - IR Drying Systems
Perfect drying solution
Combine the Maximizer IR dryer
system with the proven Lightouch
UV curing system.




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Lightouch & Maximizer
The perfect in-line curing/drying solution...

Manufactured in the USA by AAA Press International

9 quartz bulb tube IR dryer equipment with 400 or 600 Watt compact combination
UV system.

Compact, reliable in-line drying solution for running water, solvent, or UV based solution on the
same press. IR drying system easily retrofit into virtually any equipment manufacturer.


  • Maximizer 9 quartz bulb tube IR dryer head for optimum drying performance
  • Impinged air IR dryer delivers operator selected heat output to the web through
    18 impingement slots at 400 CFM per slot
  • LighTouch 400 or 600 WPI compact in-line UV curing system
  • Combination IR/UV system uses single exhaust blower to minimize install space
  • Single touch-screen operator interface is fully programmable
  • Easily retrofits into new or existing equipment
  • Auto-ramp output controls allow operator "to set it and forget it"

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